Jacobson.Net exists to provide internet services to the extended Jacobson clan

Internet Services


Permanent personal email addresses in various flavors (even webmail )


For starts: a family-wide newsgroup and a primitive news-page.


Famiily Directory
Jim's excellent super-dooper Alpwalk directory.

Personal Website
There is an individual website here for everyone in the family.

Rotating Home Page - please submit photos and thoughts

Jacobson clan

Bob & Shez Jacobson and the various descendants and spouses  So far.

In 96, I grabbed this domain name and sat on it for a few years. Last year it was set up at a can't-do-anything-right hosting service, and ruined some credibility with lots of bad email connections.. But it served very well as Doug's memorial site. Now it has been moved to to a new host and it seems to work much better.

Who pays
Currently not an issue -it's cheap. If it becomes expensive, we might pass the hat,  But that's unlikely..
It should be a very stable address. With us, Jacobson.Net has better longterm financing than any ISP or dotcom.