It is very cool to have a permanent, very personal email address that is more-or-less your name. Very cool and easy to remember. That's why I grabbed the domain.If your name is Shlomo Jacobson, your friends just send mail to  (case insensitive)

You have two options: Mailbox or Forwarder.


Mailbox can be a real mailbox. Your mail waits for you on the Jacobson.Net servers.

There are two ways to pick up your mail:
1) Use email software, like Outlook, Eudora or Netscape. This takes a little setup, but then is automatic and very functional.
2) Use a web based mail interface (similar to Hotmail or Yahoo mail). A bit less functional but works anywhere in the world.

Why not use both? Set up your home computer to check automatically using Outlook. Then when you travel, use the Web interface to stay in touch from a library or a borrowed computer. NOTE: When you leave on a trip, be sure to turn off Outlook, or it will continue to empty your mailbox, and you won't be reading mail anything on the road.


Forwarder can simply be an address that forwards the mail to or wherever.
You use your new address without changing anything. Your mail arrives automatically wherever you are used to getting it. You will pick it up as you always have.

Almost everybody is set up now with a forwarder. Please check to make sure it is correct. If you prefer a real mailbox just let me know.


This is not an issue for a forwarder account, but if you get a mailbox please REMOVE opened mail from the server. Outlook moves your stuff to your hard-drive unless it is setup to "leave mail on server", but if you are using a web-based email, you will have to be tidy and erase the old mail conscientiously.


We are all one family, so privacy is really important. (Best bet: Keep your gambling email and nudie photos off the server by using the tidy practices requested above!). If there is an emergency I (or alternate webslaves) can retrieve your password to fix your account - so in theory we could go into your mailbox. But we won't. (Unless you start hogging lots of space.)

But it would be smart to pick a real password - not the silly default one.

Account Name & Password

You don't need these for a forwarder account-- but if you get a real mailbox, your account name is  (ie: your entire email address) and your starting password is yourname. Please change it.


Want a free fax line too? I have used this service for a few years. They have never screwed up. You get a free private fax phone number! No tricks, and very very little promotional email. Your faxes arrive in your email box as tiff files, easily opened/read/printed with the software they provide or others. (No relation to nor any kickback,  just a real cool service that has not yet gone belly up).

FAQ     (Father Asked Questions)

1.  Is my mail that is being sent to my regular address going to appear  there?
Only if you set up forwarding FROM your old account (ie: to your new address ( . This has to be done at and I need to change your account from forwarder to mailbox.  Otherwise, as you can imagine, the mail will just be ping pong back and forth between the two servers.

2.  What address do I use?  
If you want a different name, let me know. I chose simple, short names.   It is also easy to set up more forwarders to use different  name variations for the same account  (robert -> bob). If you want this let me know.

3.  How do I access the mail, or is it forwarded here?
Either way. Right now it is being forwarded to mhonline, and simply joins all your other mail there. You do not have to do anything at all. But you might want to start giving the address to people and configure outlook (or whatever) to use the address as a return address. Why? Because it should be a lot more stable. It belongs to us - not some alien corporation.  If you want to switch to a real (POP3) mailbox on , let me know.

4. How do I access the e-mail there from a remote or foreign computer?
Look here
Just go to Or two clicks from