Web Sites

Owning our own domain allows us to have cool personal websites

Currently there are these webs established:


I put up silly little placeholder websites.
Hopefully you will quickly throw these out and assemble your own site!


Making Your Webpage

The easiest way is with FrontPage or its freeby little version FrontPad. Find it in your Start Menu someplace.
Then Open Web to http://jacobson.net/yourname   and the password is  yourname.



Each of us has an individual website. You can set your own site configuration using Frontpage and your site is separate from everyone else. Have fun! More technical info is available as needed. (These webs are running on Unix with both  PHP 4 and FrontPage extensions.)

Domains and subdomains

I can set it up so that instead of  //jacobson.net/peter,  it is //peter.jacobson.net.
Let me know if you want that.


Remember we are all sharing a limited amount of space.  Please erase dead files! Please avoid huge files. This is not a good place to store megabytes. No mp3 or video please. Please edit Thailand trip slideshow before publishing. Etc.

At some point we will no doubt need to buy more webspace. Big space users will be shook down at that point.