--- Hada Choo Hon (This is What’s Here) ---

“Choo baddak, weled zg`eere
Tkun lama inte kbeer?
Mosnàa masaàri?
Daktoor dam?”
Hu beshafi whay mohrejj,

Mà tem zgeere,
Hu mish h`akish kteer,
“Acharei jamàaa, acharei adlem,
Wacharei bachlaset hade mai,
Wacharei ocktoy wakhtoy bakto,
Ana baddy akun shajura
El hawa.

“What do you want, little boy
To be when you’re older?
A money factory?
A doctor of blood?”
He saw me and it was embarrassing.

With a young mouth,
He had not said a lot,
“After university, after career,
And after I finish my mother’s honor,
And after my sisters and brothers eat,
I want to be a tree
The wind.



El olam bechafet:
El hebroni min el arabiyim,
El kbeer min el zgeer,
El marrot min el jozim.

Bas lezim dahak!
Asheen fishi zyade.

The world is afraid:
The Hebrews from the Arabs,
The old from the young,
The wives from the husbands.

But there must be laughter!
Because there is not more.




Denya mohèit sheeta
Lama lehelak.

Denya masrah` dahak
Lama basàfet subeh`

Momkin denya madina efheme-
Baddak truh` màai?

The world is a sea of winter/rain
When you are alone.

The world is a sunny
When you wake mornings.

The world may be a city of understanding-
Do you want to go with me?




Ana basalli subeh`:

Aadesh sodfim mahazoozim li?
Aadesh g`onayot hak`ik`ot indi?
Aadesh mefefàot koh`leiot?
Aadesh bteshteg` dahke?
Aadesh jazeerei darim?
Ana baaod.

I ask myself mornings:

How much lucky coincidences are there to me?
How many true songs do I have?
How many deep blue problems?
How much work of laughter?
How many islands of homes?
Of families?
I stand up.




Mbayen lezim ahh`keh-
Lug`a min albi.

Esmàh li, ana baddy g`onay
Ah`la, min sheeta
Fie dohor sah`ra.

Bas esmaàuni,
Mauukefì saàeb-

Matharak, màabadi,
El bamedbit saif jay.

El saif
El saif
Lama eh`na badina nanàem
Fie fetachat nbeed
Wnesbah` fie bah`er nànà.

Fadel, habibi, denya solbe.
Fadel, habibi, ana batlominak.
Fadel, habibi, hacamel nem
Wana, habibi, bah`lam am.
Asheen, habibi, baddak truh`,
Wana hon leheli.
Anjad, habibi, hacamel nem.

Bas el shams hon.

My meaning must be said-
Language from my heart.

Excuse me, I want a song
More beautiful than rain
In desert noon.

But hear me,
My situation is difficult-

Your appearance, my temple
The hope of the coming summer.

The summer
The summer
When we will rest
In a bed of wine
And swim in a sea of peppermint.

Please, my love, it is morning.
Please, my love, I beg you.
Please, my love, keep sleeping
And I, my love, now dream.
Because, my love, you will go,
And I am here alone.
Really, my love, keep sleeping. 

But the sun is here.



Ana bashefet el solbe.
Aktar min lezim.
Aktar min helem.

I see the morning.
Greater than it must be.
Greater than a dream.
Thank God.