My brother, my friend

We shared the same eyes. We shared the same struggle with weight. We shared battle stories of depression. We were brothers.

Doug taught me to how to drive, how to fight, and how to laugh at myself (and others).

Today, I look back at the conversations, the bond, and the love.

Today, I look back at the play, the fun, and the laughter.

Today, I look back at the tears, the fights, and the pain.

Doug told me to “Speak your mind, share your feelings, be yourself,” and I did. I am lucky. I have nothing to say to him today that I didn’t say to him before.

Doug, today I am sad because the dialog becomes monolog. Today, I am without your insight, your advice, and your love.

Today I am without you.

You are my brother, you are my friend, and I miss you already. 

From Matt